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Liquid Chalk

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Do you want less trips to the chalk bucket?

Gorilla Health personal liquid chalk (50ml) is amazing, place a small amount on your palm rub it on your hands and it will dry white on your hands.  Liquid chalk wont come off your hands like traditional blocks and will allow you to stay at the bar for longer.

Customer Reviews

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sam simmons
Liquid chalk

Wasn't sure how i felt about switching to liquid chalk. But love it.

Debbie Jones
Works well

Works well, but you do have to reapply between sets

It’s like magic

Squeeze some on, rub your hands, and watch in absolute awe as your hands slowly turn white. Then be even more amazed when you rub against your clothing and it hardly leaves a mark! Unreal product. (Plus my lifts are up because the barbell no longer slips 😉)

Amy Sly
Pretty good

I have used a few times and has held up better when not sweating like crazy.
During the 12 Days Of Christmas WOD, it didn’t last well, but during form work lasted really well.
But who doesn’t like an excuse to stop and chalk up.... amirite?!