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Gorilla Health Sandbag

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Gorilla Health Sandbag – When Sandbag meets Atlas Stones

The Sandbag takes the best elements of a sandbag, Atlas Stone and merges them together, offering a versatile, hybrid Strongman tool.

Made from 1000D Cordura, the Sandbag encompasses an in-built filler bag equipped with a Velcro roll top, zip and strap. This ensures all filler material is contained within the bag. With the weight these bags can take, they really are heavy-duty alternatives suitable for the gym environment or the outdoors.

The Sandbags comes in 7 weights

55lbs (25kg)
75lbs (34kg)
100lbs (45kg)
150lbs (68kg)
200lbs (90kg)
250lbs (113kg)

300lbs (136kg)

*Sand not included

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