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Bear KompleX Carbon Comp Grips - 3 hole

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Bear Komplex Carbon Comp Grips (3 Hole)
The Bear Komplex Carbon Comp Grips 3-hole option brings more coverage to the palm of your hand.

Are you familiar with showing up to a competition and getting completely thrown off because the barbells are rough or the pull up rig is slippery? No one likes to make excuses but using unfamiliar equipment can impact your performance.

If this is something you know all too well than the Bear Komplex Carbon Comp Grips are for you!

With a one of a kind patient technology, Bear Komplex have created grips that allow you to grip to ANY bar. You won’t even need to stop to chalk up!

Bear Komplex do not compromise when it comes to their quality craftsmanship. The custom wrist strap is designed for comfort, support and will not dig into your wrist. These grips have been made from a lightweight, sticky carbon fibre and the quality stitching means they will last for years to come.

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Curtis Callaghan

Bear KompleX Carbon Comp Grips - 3 hole

Bec Bowen
So happy - what a difference

I thought I would have to get used to the grips. They were so beneficial from the first wear!!!

Robin Orton
Comfortable fit and true to size

Recently started CrossFit and found the Bear KompleX grips were most commonly recommended - and for good reason. They appear and feel more robust than cheaper alternatives. The sizing is accurate too.

Good to go

I used to own a cheap pair of grips and did my research before buying these.

Al I can say is these grips are great, they do not slip, allow for so many more reps and have helped with my technique.
Highly recommend.

Brenda Willans
Complex grips

Love them. Used a few times and hands don't get cut up. I have small hands and still able to grip the rig.