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Calicure XL

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  • PREVENTS RIPPED HANDS - The Calicure Callus Remover is ergonomically designed with athletes in mind to easily and effectively sand down toughened skin. It's carefully engineered to keep your hands soft and healthy so you can lift and train hard at the gym.
  • HIGH-PERFORMING TOOL - Versatility and reliability are what makes Calicure a must have for your gym bag or at home. Handy and practical, it's built for cross fitness, athletes and coaches, gymnasts, artists, bodybuilders, rock climbers, and even executive chefs worldwide.
  • INCREASES PERFORMANCE - When you don't have to worry about ripped or shredded calluses, you will have less down time from hand healing meaning you'll train harder and get more PR's on a consistent basis.
  • GENTLE YET EFFECTIVE - Manufactured with skin-safe materials to help promote smooth hands for a complete hand care solution without any dangers or hazards. Its waterproof construction shaves and removes hard and rough edges both on wet and dry hands.