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Chloe Saliba brings home the W at Noosa Teens Invitational

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Chloe Saliba brings home the W at Noosa Teens Invitational

The youngest member of Team Gorilla Health, Chloe Saliba showed composure beyond her 15 years at the recent Teens Invitational hosted by CrossFit Noosa. The inagural Invitational competition marks a new era for Australian Teens- and indeed the sport of competitive CrossFit- which in recent years itself has seen a 'changing of the guard' as younger faces emerge into the Elite divisions.

Taking out the maiden title in the 15-16 Girls division, Chloe Saliba of Coast CrossFit was excited to take part in the premier competition for Teens, in her backyard of the Sunshine Coast.

'I thought it's awesome that a local gym decided to run just a teen dedicated competition. I wish they had something like this every weekend!'


 Chloe, who placed 15th in the Worldwide CrossFit Age Group Quarterfield leaderboard for 2022, also credited the complexity of the event programming as a strength of the event.

'(The) final for the top three from each division and included more technical movements such as ring muscle ups, rope climbs, and bar muscle ups in their to test a wider range of movements which I thought was a great idea.

 'For my performances, we went through the workouts and planned strategies for each and I stuck to those so everything went really well. I was so stoked to walk away with the win!'

A special mention to CrossFit Noosa who invested huge resources and time into the development of the first Teens Invitational competition. Gorilla Health are proud to support the developemnt of future CrossFit champions, and are excited for next year's event.