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About The Program 

Our Ape-Xpress program is designed to improve the health and fitness of the general CrossFit Community. If you’re looking at gaining strength, building upon your fitness, or competing at a Local CrossFit level, Ape-Xpress is ideal for you. Online programming delivered to you 6 days a week, with a max time frame of 60 minutes, this program will maximise the time you have to train with our effective and time efficient programming. 



Who is the program designed for? 

Designed for those with a basic knowledge of CrossFit and its movements. Catered for all fitness levels, Ape-Xpress will allow for you to get your strength and conditioning work in for those who are short on time for training. 

What the Program will Consist of?

Ape-Xpress will include strength, conditioning and accessory pieces over the week. Conditioning will be the priority, but strength and accessory will be included for those who have time to complete all pieces of each day. 

What equipment will I require?

If you currently workout at a CrossFit Box, you will have all the equipment required to perform each piece of this program. If you workout at a home gym, a barbell and plates, dumbbells and pull up bar will be necessary. 

Will I have guidance with the Program?

Yes. Our coaches will be able to communicate with you via SugarWOD with any questions you have in regards to the program. Not only will be able to track your progress via the app, but we will be able to see your progress over the course of the program. 

Will there be scaling? 

Scaling for movements such as pegboards will be provided as we know not everyone will have access to all equipment. However you must be able to self-scale when it comes to workouts and some movements. 


Example Session: