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APE-X Programming

Ape-X Programming is two specific programs designed to increase both your physical capacity and mental strength. For both the average and competitive athlete, our set of programs seeks out to build upon your base level of fitness, to increase strength, and help you reach your optimal level of health. Follow along our daily programming to reach your fitness goals, whether big or small, today.

You can read more information on each course page;

Ape-Xpress and Ape-X Compete 


Coach Bios


Briony Challis

Crossfit Escape

With starting CrossFit in 2016, being a full time coach and someone who trains to compete competitively within CrossFit, a vast amount of my time and effort has been dedicated towards CrossFit. Not only has it become a sport I aspire to compete in but it has become a passion. When it comes to coaching and programming, I always see the foundation as the most important part of an individual, and building upon that is the exciting part.

Being able to deliver a program, to make someone not only become functionally fit but also be a great well-rounded athlete is a prime goal of mine. So not only is my aim when programming to make someone fit but also to increase strength, build upon aerobic capacity and improve gymnastics movement patterns.

Henry Carlile 

CF-L2 - CrossFit Noosa

As someone who has spent a large portion of his CrossFit journey training alone, I highly appreciate the value of quality, well thought-out programming. I have followed both individualised and team training protocols to become better at CrossFit and truly believe that being able to race against like-minded people and see them on the leaderboard daily is the best way to get the most out of your training, whether you are simply training for life or to compete at the Sanctional or CrossFit Games level.

Ape-X Programming is designed by myself and 2 other multiple Sanctional-level athletes with this ethos is mind and your best interests at heart. Outside of remote programming, I also program for my affiliate and remotely coach a number of individuals in niche sports, using the CrossFit methodology. I believe the unique combinations of loading, volume and difficulty included in each of the programs offered under the Ape-X header are of the highest standard and will go nine-tenths of the way to getting you to your goals. The other tenth is always with you. 


Jake Standen

CF-L2, Australian Weightlifting Coach Level 1 -  CrossFit CQ

21 going on 22, I am currently studying a bachelor degree in exercise and sport science. My post graduate diploma will be an exercise physiologist. Exercise prescription and delivery has always been a love of mine through my eventual career path and furthermore up to this stage CrossFit programming has been enjoyed for written programs for myself and others. I program for my affiliate CrossFit CQ as well for a handful of other CrossFit athletes around the Central Queensland region. For myself, I had been brought up in the nature of training a lot of the time on my own. In this time, I found it highly valuable to have a reliable source of programming to be provided with to not need to worry about what I will need to write on the whiteboard the following day, resting assured that someone has got me covered; Ape-X programming has got your back.

Designed by myself as well as two other sanctional level-athletes with plentiful experience in the sport of CrossFit who also program respectively for their affiliates. The three of us combined have the knowledge and experience to be able to not only program for the individual who comes to the gym at a social level, but the ability to program for the RX athlete and furthermore to the athlete on the cusp of sanctionals and then onto the elite games level athletes. The standard of Ape-X programming will be a perfect balance of volume, loading, difficulty and capacity and is fit for any athlete regardless of their fitness levels. Ape-X Programming has got your back in all modalities of CrossFit training, all you need to do is trust the process and enjoy the ride.