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Ape-X Compete 

About The Program 

Ape-X Compete, is for those who are looking to excel at a competitive CrossFit Level and those who have a passion to train and compete. Our sessions range from 90 minutes to 2 hours a day, 6 days a week, with the flexibility to choose when you rest. With strength, conditioning and accessory components each day to help you become a well rounded athlete to excel in each aspect of CrossFit at a competitive level. 


Who is the program designed for?

Suitable for all levels of fitness, but must have a base fitness and knowledge of CrossFit and all of it’s movements. Including gymnastics and olympic weightlifting movements. 

What the Program will Consist of?

Ape-X Compete Programming will include a variety of strength, metabolic conditioning, gymnastics and accessory pieces each day. This is to help you become a well-rounded athlete of all components of CrossFit 

What equipment will I require?

If you currently workout in a CrossFit Box, you will have all the equipment required to complete our program. Equipment like ropes, rings, etc... can always be substituted for another movement if you don’t have access. 

Will I have guidance with the Program?

Yes. Our coaches will be able to communicate with you via SugarWOD with any questions you have in regards to the program. Not only will be able to track your progress via the app, but we will be able to see your progress over the course of the program. 

Will there be scaling?

Scaling for movements such as pegboards will be provided as we know not everyone will have access to all equipment. However you must be able to self-scale when it comes to workouts and some movements. 

Example Session: